How do I get in touch? 

For email inquiries, contact westernstrengthinfo @@ gmail dot com. Try our facebook page. The best way is meeting us at the gym, though!

What is Western Strength?

We’re a diverse group of lifters who are all pursuing strength in some capacity: powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, crossfit, and beyond. We include undergrad and grad students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

Why should I get involved?

There is no better way to become mentally and physically stronger than joining a group of like-minded athletic peers who offer knowledge, support, and inspiration. Without a community, it’s just you and some random stuff you read on the internet – broscience, sleezy ‘experts’, and other people who won’t engage you like we will.

How do I join?

Simply get to know some of us and start making friends. There's no initiation ritual; once you meet a few people everyone else will follow. The classes we offer are a great way to become a part of our community.

Do you compete?

Yes. Individual members of the group compete in different strength sports. We’re registered as a powerlifting club with the Ontario Powerlifting Association. But you don’t have to compete – just come and get stronger with us.

Do I have to pay?

Our friendship is free. Officially joining theWestern Strength USC club costs $15, and this gets you a shirt, free or discounted events (some of which are exclusive because of the demand), and other perks.

Where did you find all these sweet stock photos of strong people?

They're actually our people, not random photos of strangers. You'll meet some of them!

Why does this website look so fresh?

Way back when, Nathan donated a lot of time and effort to set this site up, generously laying everything out and then handing it over to us. Check out his services!

Your motto is 'democratize strength'. This sounds nice -- who wouldn't want strength training to be democratic -- but what does it really mean? 

Take a look at our principles to find out!


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