Supplements and Studies 

  • collects and digests thousands of studies on popular and rare supplements. Check out the creatine page for a great example, with 700+ references on this useful supplement.

  • Information Is Beautiful offers an elegant of health supplements based on evidence level.

  • Labdoor tests and ranks supplements, determining their true contents.

  • Suppversity digests and critiques brand new studies on supplements and training protocols.

Strength for Powerlifting and Beyond

  • Technique is crucial. Here is an excellent resource:

  • Anyone interested specifically in powerlifting should check out our friendly Powerlifting Library.

  • For a one-stop general strength resource, Greg Nuckols at Strengtheory may be your best option. If you're patient you'll benefit from his extremely thorough, synoptic guides to lifting, muscle, and strength science. His Complete Strength Training Guide is a long but worthwhile starting point for many people, and his massive articles on the squat and bench are research masterpieces.

Strength Calculators and Program Creators

  • Not only does Strength Standards calculate your predicted one rep max according to a variety of formulas, it also creates a variety of popular programs like 5/3/1, Sheiko, Texas Method, and more based on your results.

  • Are your lifts and bodyparts unbalanced? Symmetric Strength helps you understand your lifts in proportion to each other, generating a strength diagram of your body.

Lifting News

  • For the strength sports that Western Strength covers, BarBend is a new and promising news outlet.

  • For people oriented to weightlifting specifically, All Things Gym is the place to be, especially for quality videos.