Brace yourself: a slightly overwhelming amount of cool stuff has happened since our last major news update. This post will recap three things: our powerlifting panel at the end of October, our lifters’ meet results from the week that followed, and finally, our future plans (complete with new threads).

The powerlifting panel with Emily, Adam, Shea, and Tyler turned out wonderfully, yielding a mixture of beginner tips and fun anecdotes that would satisfy more advanced lifters. Furthermore, the panel proved to be prophetic. Though we learned about their personal histories in powerlifting, there was a great deal of advice shared with the audience, and this advice played itself out in the meets that followed thereafter. Perhaps the single most useful piece of advice for powerlifters was this: don’t you dare cut weight for your meet (unless you are a more experienced lifter than everyone in the room, which is indeed unlikely). Adam, the most experienced panelist, told us about the worst meet experience of his life -- precipitated by a steep weight cut that threw him off as he began his squats. Lo and behold, Adam’s “weight-cutter’s curse” possessed AJ (74kg) at Provincials a mere week after this warning –- luckily AJ recovered after spectacularly failing his first squat in dehydrated state. Ben (93kg) also missed his first squat by cutting depth. He recovered well and eventually set a provincial record with 260.5kg on his final squat, planning out the rest of the meet tactically to save energy for Centrals.

Also at Provincials was Chantalle (63kg). She had some complications with her attempt card for squats but still came out strong with over 250lb squat, and a grand total of 650.4lb. Vincent (93kg) had a total of 1196lb; Scotty (83kg) had a total of 1157.4lb; Rob (83kg) had a total of 1262lb. Regrettably, we can't turn every lifter's result into a narrative, but people with more details are welcome to send them in!

Whereas the previous results were from Provincials, Shea competed in the CPF Women’s Pro/Am at Fortis Fitness on September 29th. She went 8/9 (missing only the third attempt at bench) and hit a 5kg competition squat PR of 107kg (236lbs). She totaled 316kg (698lbs) with her best bench being 57kg (126lbs) and best deadlift 151 (332lbs). There were 43 lifters in the meet and Shea ended up winning her 67kg class (note the weird class here) and best overall Junior at the meet! She will be competing at Seneca with the team and has her eyes on those collegiate records in the 63kg class.

Speaking of Seneca: are we ever excited to compete together as a team on February 4th at Seneca College in Markham! After a stressful day of frantic registrations, we ended up with a whole bunch of our students on this list:

And if this meet isn't enough to get us hyped with team spirit, then our super secret shirts, now much less secret, will wrap us in feelings of authenticity. After many design revisions, everyone is excited to have A7 bar grip shirts (so you stick to the bench and/or barbell with special ink on the back). Check these out:



Stay tuned for glam pictures of us wearing the shirts and -- if we don't become so vain from our new swag that our training suffers -- some amazing results from the Seneca meet in February!