Please mark down Sep. 22 and Oct. 21 on your calendars, the dates of our first ever classes! The first class is Introduction to Competitive Lifting (Sep. 22 @ 7pm). Dr. Charles Stocking tours you through various strength sports with his experiences and research as a powerlifter, strength coach, and professor of classics. Dr. Stocking combines an academic knowledge of Greek athletics and the history of sport with the practical wisdom only attainable by squatting 561 pounds (a state record he set). We'll also be discussing the future of Western Strength. Then for the Powerlifting Panel on Oct. 21 @ 2pm, a friendly group of student powerlifters will answer all your questions about lifting heavy things, combining their knowledge of their sport with their personal experiences. Regardless of your goals or experience level, the classes will be intriguing. The classes don't involve/require real live lifting, but will connect you with a community of people who you'll be eager to lift with and learn from!

Registration opens for these classes on September 8th. Be ready to register since they will fill quickly! More classes will be scheduled this fall and spring, and we want your feedback to help develop them.