This Friday: learn to squat from scratch or fix up your existing squat ($5). Register at the front desk or here

Saturday March 18th: check out the Exercise Nutrition Symposium, an all-day event featuring speakers like Dr. John Berardi. The cost is $25 for the all day event. Last year was awesome and this event is highly recommended for kin/health students.

Sunday March 19th: Western Strength is hosting Jennifer Broxterman for a lifting oriented nutrition seminar! Only $10. Register here or at the front desk. She's highly recommended from her many students and will be customizing her lecture and Q&A for us.

Monday March 20th: Registration opens for the London Open powerlifting meet (on June 3). Due to its popularity you will have to register immediately or you won't have a spot!

Saturday May 13th: Powerlifter/bodybuilder combo Stan 'Rhino' Efferding comes to the PumpHouse in Woodstock for a seminar