Leadership Team

Our group is currently being run by an informal group of students who will eventually fill formal roles when we become ratified as a club. If you want a future leadership role or want to contribute in some other way, please contact us.

Advisors at Western

Dr. Pete Lemon (Kinesiology) researches performance, health, supplementation, and nutrition for strength and endurance athletes. He coaches the Western softball team and runs the yearly Exercise and Nutrition Symposium. Among other insights, Dr. Lemon has argued for higher protein requirements in athletes.

Meg Thorne is an academic counselor at Huron and Olympic weightlifter (bronze medal, Pan American Masters 2016). She graduated from Western's MIT program and is particularly interested in empowerment through weightlifting.

Dr. Charles Stocking (Classics) studies and teaches ancient athletics as well as other Greek topics. He was a strength coach at UCLA and competed in powerlifting, squatting a state record of 255kg as a junior.